Trading House «DeLUX» is wholesaler of agricultural products 
Since 2004, the Company has been proving itself as a reliable, competent and responsible 
partner at the international markets.

Our main markets are Asia, MENA, Western Africa, EU and USA, Canada.


  • Nuts


    Nuts are among the oldest human foods, with records of eating pistachios dating back to the Stone Age. Yet only in the past 20 years or so has science focused on nuts’ health benefits—most notably in preventing heart disease, but also potentially helping to combat diabetes and protect your brain and bones. Packed with nutrients and healthy fats, nuts may even be a tool in weight management, despite their high calorie count.
  • Tomato paste

    Tomato paste

    Tomato paste is reduction of tomatoes that is strained of all seeds and skin. The long hours of cooking thicken tomatoes into a paste by reducing excess moisture. Available in tubes or cans, tomato paste features concentrated tomato flavor.
  • Dairy products

    Dairy products

    Milk and dairy foods are healthy foods and considered nutrient-rich because they serve as good sources of calcium and vitamin D as well as protein and other essential nutrients. They provide phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B12, and riboflavin.
  • LiqBerry


    All our products are made using unique Liqberry technology which allows extraction of all the useful elements that are usually lost during consumption of fresh berries.