Professional cooking oil

EFFO Deep Fry –  high-oleic professional cooking oil with natural antioxidants (E-320, E-321, E900a) is created special for effective deep frying. The product is super resistant to oxidation, what provides a long period of usage and high quality of frying. This gives a tangible economic effect when it is used, especially in a deep fryer. The basics of the product is monounsaturated fatty acid omega-9. The oil doesn’t contain trans fats. Recommended frying temperature is +180 °C.

  Professional Cooking Oil Price per 1 pack
1 Refined deodorized "EFFO Deep Fry" 10L 12,20
2 Refined deodorized "EFFO Deep Fry" 15L 17,50
3 Refined deodorized "EFFO Chef" 10L 11,90
4 Refined deodorized "EFFO Chef" 15L 17,20
Export documantation for EU, CIS, MENA is ready. NA/LA on demand
Package polyethylene package “bag in box” 20 L 1
Cork cork to a package of polyethylene “bag in box” 20 L 1
Sunflower oil RD  HOSO RD (pressed) 13680 g
Box corrugated box 270*222*287 article 120917 1
Logistic Information
UCG FEA code 1512199010
Barcode bottle -
Barcode box 4,82008E+12
Net box weight, g 13680 g
Jerrican dimensions L*W*H -
Gross box weight, g 14130 g
Number of bottles in the box -
Box dimensions (inside) L*W*H, mm 270*222*287
Box dimensions (outside) L*W*H, mm 281*233*307
Gross jerrican weight -
Number of boxes on a pallet 56
Number of rows on a pallet 4
Pallet dimensions L*W*H, mm 1200*800*1390
Gross pallet weight, kg 811
Nutrition facts Per 100 g of the product
Energy (caloric) value 3761 kJ/899 kcal
Food (nutritional) value:  
Proteins 0 g 
Carbohydrates 0 g 
Fats 99,9  g
Among them fatty acids:  
- saturated  5,3-14,0 g
- monounsaturated 75,1-91,7 g 
- polyunsaturated 2,1-17,3 g
Shelf life and storage conditions
Recommended temperature of +8˚C to +20 ˚C
Shelf life  24 months